Episode #4
Trish Becker-Hafnor

On today’s The Art of Togetherness podcast I’m talking with Trish Becker-Hafnor, founding member of two Denver co-housing communities about the raw nitty-gritty of relationships in intentional community. We peer into the radical and counter cultural practice within many communities of articulating needs clearly and honestly. And we consider that there’s a modern renaissance in communal living happening right now. Are you in?
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Episode #3
Leslie Bray

Today I talk with Leslie Bray, founder of Kid Cultivators, a Black home educators community in Atlanta. We talk about the dynamics of founding a community when you are a joiner-inner, not a starter. We discuss the vital role of “inner work” in community and what that actually means in practice from remaining curious to honesty to the inevitability of conflict. And we consider how mainstream education has the potential to get us all of on shaky ground when it comes to living well in community.
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Episode #2
Helen Iles

Author and filmmaker Helen Iles has travelled the world documenting how different intentional communities make things work. In this delightful conversation we discuss the art of deep listening, what it is, how we can do it and how it might just be the glue that holds strong relationships together. 

Because this conversation takes places while we are in quarantine due to Covid19 we spend time considering what the collective invitation is here, how we might respond. 

We also cover mental health, enoughness, moon circles and many other beautiful topics!

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Episode #1
Yana Ludwig

In the very first episode of The Art of Togetherness, Lucy Aitkenread interviews author of Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption, Yana Ludwig. Yana has lived in, researched and written about intentional community for 23 years. Here we talk about courageous living under capitalist myths, how to live with people you don’t like and the kind of skills we need to be cultivating as we head into an ecological crisis. 

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